The spark behind my most formative experiences began at a young age when I found myself questioning the assumptions that I and others made about life.  What is the root of human consciousness?  Who was I before I had a name?  The first time I opened my eyes, who looked out at the world?

As we mature a unique personality blossoms.  We use language to explore and communicate, but I knew that personality and thoughts were not the totality of who we are.  I wondered, what is our essence?


Perhaps because of these questions, I stumbled upon the tools to focus on something that was not taught in school, in my religion or by my parents.  There is a core within each of us that is not intellectual or emotional, but can be known through direct, visceral experience.  Each and every day I take time to enjoy this simple, elegant pleasure, and have been doing so for decades.

I am fascinated by how the components of consciousness are organized; how the host of behaviors, feelings and desires that make each one of us unique circulate around a core of consciousness like planets around the sun.

I am a certified practitioner of Internal Family Systems Therapy.  I have obtained a GPCC certification from the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland.  I am committed to the process of transformation in my own life.  And I deeply respect and honor my clients, who are dedicated to personal growth and self exploration as well.