The Internal System

There are times when our thoughts and actions do not serve our own interests...

Why is this the case?  Why would I take any action that does not serve me?

To provide a quick, relatable example, why would I devour a pint of Ben & Jerry’s at the same time that I am committed to losing weight?

One way to think of it is that there is no single "I" at work.  "I" am composed of various parts that step forward at different moments with convictions on how to bring balance to my life.  One part wants to enjoy the simple pleasures (Life is short, bring on the Ben & Jerry’s!), while another part lobbies for an attractive body and longevity (What about your diet?).  This is a small example of internal drama and conflict that takes place within each of us, daily.

At the same time, while these parts affect our life with their competing objectives, there is a core of our being which has been with us from the first breath.  When you were born you had no language, yet you were alive.  Who were “you” when you knew no words with which to think?

There is a simplicity that resides within each of us; a peaceful, non-judgmental, loving aspect that remains always present, in the background, behind the tumult of human existence.

Many spiritual systems focus on the core of life, but neglect the psychological impact of the finite parts of the personality.  Many psychological systems are blind to the healing power of the beautiful core energy that is a fundamental component of consciousness.

When you approach the various parts of yourself from that peaceful, non-judgmental place and listen, they begin to tell you their story.  As we witness and provide acceptance, they release the burdens they have been carrying and begin to relax.  It is from this point of self-acceptance that internal change begins.